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Academic Resources
  1. Can I practice my English outside of the classroom? [top]

    Yes, there are many opportunities to practice your English. However, the most popular is our free Conversation Partner Program, available to any student who enrolls in an English language program.

    Conversation Partner Program

    As students in the English language program, you can enroll in our Conversation Partner Program with a simple application, once you begin your studies at UCR IEP.

    • You will be matched with selected American students or staff members for weekly conversation meetings.

    • The American students and staff members who sign up for this program are internationally minded and interested in learning about other cultures.

    • This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet new friends, learn about American culture and practice your English!

    ESL Resources


    UCR IEP offers an extensive library of ESL resources on the second floor of the UCR Extension Center.


    Discover your instructors' favorite ESL websites to get more English language practice outside the classroom. Instructors may also use these resources in classes or projects..

  2. What if I want to continue my studies in an undergraduate or graduate program in the U.S. after I finish my English language studies? [top]

    UCR IEP has a full-service, professional college counseling office to help you with testing, applications, and other critical aspects of your academic career.

    University & College Counseling

    Our experienced College Counselors are available to help you at no additional cost. Just schedule an appointment or contact our office to speak with an advisor, so you can explore the next step in your academic career:

    • Find the best undergraduate or graduate degree program for your professional goals.
    • Get an evaluation of your qualifications.
    • Take a seminar to get tips on writing your personal statement.
    • Ask for help to complete complex application processes.

  3. I have to write a statement of purpose for my graduate degree program application. Can you help me? [top]

    Our professional academic advisors are available to help you with all aspects of your degree program application. You can also attend optional seminars or workshops, offered regularly throughout the year.


    Academic Seminars/Workshops


    If you wish to apply for a degree program at a U.S. college or university, you may need to create and submit a personal statement, statement of purpose, writing sample, or attend an interview.


    Our professional staff regularly provides seminars and workshops in:

    • Writing your statement of purpose.

    • Academic reading/writing.

    • Cross-cultural communication.


  4. I don't have a computer. Do you have some way for me to check my email? What if I bring my laptop? Does the school provide wireless access? [top]

    We offer wireless access for those students who bring a personal laptop or other personal electronic device. However, if you do not bring a computer with you, you can also use our onsite computer lab.


    Computer Labs & Wireless Access


    IEP offers several language learning resources in lab classrooms located on the second floor of the UCR Extension Center:

    • Six PC computer lab classrooms operating on Microsoft Windows.

    • Open computer lab for students to do homework, research, and surf the Internet.


    You can access the wireless network using a NetID that will be setup after you arrive and register for your UCR IEP program. Wireless is available throughout the UCR Extension Center - in the classroom, offices, cafeteria and Student Lounge.


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